What is mehndi?

Mehndi is a temporary natural dye mainly used to produce intricate and decorative art. work on the skin mehndi is another word for heena. with its artistic application on the skin it has become on important expression of grand culture.

The ancient art of mehndi varies in different countries and culture. apart from the modern design used as tattoos and body art there are many distinguishable design for mehndi as shown in the gallery.

Uses of mehndi

Mehndi can be used a cosmetic to dye the skin, hair and nails or it cab be used for its healing and medicinal properties to cure skin disorders, hair thinning and providing resistance to the body from the tropical heat. it is totally safe natural an painless to use on the skin.

In eastern culture mehndi is mainly used for brides as a wedding tradition. for many brides the application of bridal mehndi is when they begin to feel the wedding vibes. traditionally mehndi was used by Asian brides to symbolize love, happiness and prosperity for the couple.

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